B. . Compliance of Consent Condition for N.O.C. of Bihar State Pollution Control Board Letter No. P/T NOC-130/05 dated 27-09-05

Consent No. Condition of Consent NOC by Bihar State Pollution Control Board
3 (i) Consent to operate under section 25 & 26 of Water Act, 1974 and section 21 of Air Act, 1981, Pre-commissioning of plant. Consent of Air and Water granted up to 31 December,2015
(ii) Zero Discharge We are maintaining Zero Discharge by applying Spent Wash over Press-mud for the processing of Bio-compost.
(iii) The height of D.G. Set shall be 3 meters above from roof. We are regular being analyzed the noise level & statement of Analysis report is enclosed.
(iv) Minimum height of proposed stack with porthole and platform We have installed 45 meters emission height from ground level and porthole with platform is provided in chimney. Statement of Analysis Report is enclosed from April, 2014 to September, 2014.
(v) Effective measures to control dust/particulate emission of stack not to exceed 150 mg. /Nm3 We have installed 14 tons capacity boiler where fly ash arrestor are installed to control the dust and emission not to exceed 150 mg./Nm3 Monitoring report is submitted to B.S.P.C.B.
(vi) Submission of Air Ambient quality report before and after commissioning of plant. We have already submitted Air Ambient quality report through E.I.A. report before commissioning of the plant and we are submitting the Air Ambient quality report regularly. Statement of Analysis Report is enclosed.
(vii) Submission of Air Ambient quality report quarterly Air Ambient quality reports of located point are being monitored quarterly/Six Monthly and reports are submitted to B.S.P.C.B.
(viii) Ground water quality report We have already submitted Ground Water Ambient quality report through E.I.A. report before commissioning of the plant and now we are regularly submitting the ground water quality report. Statement of Analysis Report is enclosed.
(ix) Flow measuring devices to measure the gas generation and consumption, water consumption, effluent generation and consumption. All devices are installed to measure the generated effluent and consumption of water, gas generation and its utilization & these are working properly.
(x) 10 Meters green belt in three tiers The management is well aware about natural protection and resources Green belt is already developed and further green belt is being developed. Total 1,70,000.00 Nos. of tree have been planted in 8.5 Acres area near by Distillery, Lagoon, Bio-compost and own land.
(xi) Environment & Management Plan Environmental and Management Plan has been executed during the construction of plant.
(xii) Submit the progress report of construction with respect to the E.M.P. and plant. Now plant is in operation & running smoothly. Six monthly (April, 2014 to September, 2014) Statement of Alcohol production, Spent wash generation & consumption, Press-mud utilization, Bio-compost production & sold is enclosed with the reports.
(xiii) Environmental MOEF clearance MOEF clearance has already been obtained before start of the project vide letter no. J. 11011/51/2006-IA (I0 Dated 01-06-06
(xiv) No further expansion and modernization without prior consent from B.S.P.C.B. and clearance of MOEF, Govt. of India. If there will be any need of further expansion/modernization prior approval will be taken from MOEF and B.S.P.C.B.
4. To reserve the option to revise and add other condition. We will follow all the B.S.P.C.B. compliance condition if any revised or addition.
5. Present NOC condition is not construed for granting consent to operate the proposed plant We have been taken NOC to construct the plant and we have also obtained consent to operate the plant. Copy for NOC already submitted.
6. NOC valid date NOC valid up to 31st December, 2015.