A. Compliance of Consent Condition for MOEF No. J-11011/51/2006-IA II (I)

Six Month Compliance

Dated 01-06-2006 For the period of April ,2014 to September, 2014
Consent No. Condition of Consent MOEF Compliance
(i) To ensure that the treated effluent and stack emission from the unit are within the norms stipulated under the EPA rules or SPCB The total generated spent wash is sent to the settling pit for the storage and settling of suspended solids. The decanted water is fed to the Bio Gas digester for the degradation of COD & BOD up to 70% of COD & 90% of BOD. The treated effluent discharge into the lagoon. The storage lagoon is lined with the HDPE sheeting & brick soling. The storage effluent is sent to the Bio-compost for spraying on windrows with the help of 5 nos. of side Aerotiller Machine having capacity of 60 M3/hour. Evaporation of spent wash is taken place due to heat generation. We have sufficient land of Bio-compost for the consumption of generated Spent wash. Thus no discharge of effluent into the land. This is the Main cause of compliance the norms of zero discharge of plant. The leachate is being received into the sump and leachate water is spraying over the windrows of Press-mud. Analysis of the Bio-compost is being done regularly by Rajendra Agriculture & Research University Pusa. Gases emissions for the chimney of the boiler are maintained regularly. There is multi cyclone provided before the chimney for the collection of dust going to the boiler hang. Month wise statement of Analysis report from April, 2014 to September, 2014 is enclosed.
(ii) To adopt continuous and semi-continuous Fermentation technology and spent wash after Anaerobic treatment in the Bio- methanation plant shall be composted with Press Mud and Zero Discharge will be maintained. We have installed latest technology for Fermentation by adopting high brix Fermentation to reduce the volume of Spent wash. Anaerobic Treatment Plant and thereafter Effluent is consumed with the required quantity of Press-mud, to maintain the Zero Discharge. The area acquired for spent wash spraying for Bio-composting is sufficient i.e. as under:-
Bio-Composting areas : 21.5 acres
Press-mud storage area : 3.0 “
Finished goods area : 2.5 “
(iii) To install wet fly ash arrestor and stack height as per CPCB guideline We have installed 14 Ton/hr. Boiler of Lipi Make with Multi-Cyclone along-with Dust Collector in which 45 Meters. Emission height from ground level and porthehole provided into chimney for the analysis of Air ambient quality.
(iv) Spent wash should be stored in impervious pucca lagoons Spent wash is being stored in impervious pucca lagoons which have been made proper lining with HDPE with brick soling, as per norms.
(v) To install the adequate numbers of piezometers about the compost plant and piezometers to monitoring the ground water analysis. We have installed 7 Nos. Piezometers around the E.T.P., Boi-compost Plant and Lagoon for ground water sampling purpose. The locations of Piezometers are as under:-
E.T.P. :- 01
Lagoon :- 02 & 03
Bio-compost 1st yard:- 04 & 05
Bio-compost 2nd yard:- 06 & 07
For ground water report one no. hand pump is located near by school and report are being submitted to State Pollution Control Board, Patna.
(vi) Operation Days (270 Days) We strictly follow Distillery operation from 15th September to 15th June i.e. 270 days every year which is under norms of B.S.P.C.B. & M.O.E.F.
(vii) Green belt areas - 4 acres as reflected in EIA and EMP report As per norms of MOEF we have developed the 8.5 Acres green belt area where the 1,70,000.00 Nos. trees planted surrounding area of Distillery plant, Bio-compost and lagoon as reflected in EMP report which are regularly monitoring by the qualified staff.
(viii) To measures and recharge the rain water and harvesting system. We have been install 2 nos. of rain water harvesting system in the Distillery campus.
(ix) Occupational health surveillance Occupational Health and Surveillance – The management is very much aware for the health and surveillance and it is being done from time to time for the employees of the company and we have dispensary with qualified Doctor and other staff for each and every employee.
(i) NOC of B.S.P.C.B. We are following the compliance condition of B.S.P.C.B.
(ii) No further expansion and modernization without approval If there will be any need of further expansion/modernization prior approval will be taken from MOEF and B.S.P.C.B.
(iii) To locate the Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station to analyze the SPM and SO2 NOX Following station have been located for Air Ambient quality monitoring to analyze the SPM and SOX NOX:-
1) Near Main Gate of Distillery
2) Near E.T.P.
3) Back Gate of Distillery
Analysis reports are already submitted.
(iv) To analyze the adequate number of influent and effluent quality monitoring report submit to B.S.P.C.B. The regular monitoring of the influent and effluent quality is being submitted to B.S.P.C.B. time to time analyzed by the third party Shiva Test House, Patna Analysis reports are enclosed.
(v) Noise Level We are regular being analyzed of the noise level & Analysis report is already submitted.
(vi) Environmental protection and safety. The management believes in putting continuous efforts and to protect the environment. The object of our company is to maintain and protect the environment. In this regard fire and safety equipments system, water hydrates system. Fire extinguishers are installed for the safety which is provided surrounding of required areas.
(vii) Separate environmental management cell equipped with full fledged laboratory. We have full fledged and well equipped separate laboratory and also Management have qualified staff for monitoring the environment.
(viii) To provide funds (Rs. 3.00 crores as mentioned in the Questionnaire No. xix of the EIA/EMP report) for both recurring and non-recurring expenditure to implement the condition as per Ministry of Environment and Forests as well as State Government. We have expanded sufficient Fund in recurring and non recurring implementation for the proper functioning of the plant more than as advised, which are as under:-
A) Bio Digester, Gas holder Parallel                                : Rs. 76172000.00
plate Lamella Clarifier Fabrication
& erection, Pump Motors and
Blowers, Civil works, Bio-digester, Foundation
B) BIO-COMPOST                                                           : Rs. 10735000.00
Installation of pipe line fitting from Bio-digester treated spent wash pit to lagoon tank and Bio-compost yard Site. Land preparation, lagoon, Bio-compost yard, pump with motor, Self propelled Bio-composting m/c Aero tiller – 2 Nos.

1.Expenses for the year April 2007 to March 2008
Bio-compost & Primary                                                     : Rs. 86907000.00
Treatment Cost (I+II)
2. Expenses for the year April 2008 to March 2009
Bio-digester Operational, Bio-compost                               :Rs. 11839284.12
yard preparation, Bio-compost
Processing, Green Belt Development
3. Expenses for the year April 2009 to March 2010
Bio-digester Operational, Bio-compost                               : Rs. 6229725.52
Processing, Green Belt Development,
Press-mud shifting (Transportation)
4. Expenses for the period of April 2010 to March 2011
Bio-digester Operational, Bio-compost                                : Rs. 8812212.07
Processing, Green Belt Development
Press-mud shifting (Transportation)
5. Expenses for the period of April 2011 to March 2012
Bio-digester Operational                                                        : Rs. 1053057.50
Bio-compost Processing & Press-mud                                   : Rs. 7829758.68
Green Belt Development                                                          : Rs. 467087.50
Preparation of Bio-compost Yard                                              : Rs. 2147721.99
Side Aero tiller/Tractor & Dumper                                             : Rs. 5222270.00
TOTAL                                                                                       : Rs. 16719895.67
6. Expenses for the period of April 2012 to March 2013
Bio-digester Operational                                                           : Rs. 1507771.35
Bio-compost processing & Press-mud                                      : Rs. 11587489.89
Shifting Green Belt Development                                               : Rs. 453107.79
Press-mud Purchasing                                                               :Rs. 13027402.60
TOTAL                                                                                       :Rs. 26575771.63
7. Expenses for the period of April 2013 to March 2014
Bio-digester Operational                                                            :Rs.1804311.43
Bio-compost processing & Press-mud                                       : Rs. 13347151.99
Green Belt Development                                                            :Rs. 570871.74
Bio-compost Purchased from Other                                           : Rs.11682448.10
Parties Loader Purchasing                                                         : Rs. 360000.00
Monitoring of Ambient Air, Ground water                                   :Rs. 299996.00
stock emission & effluent by third party
Preparation of Bio-compost Yard                                               : Rs. 17126444.11
TOTAL                                                                                       : Rs. 45191223.37
7. Expenses for the period of April 2014 to September 2014
Bio-digester Operational                                                           :Rs. 680009.32
Bio-compost processing & Press-mud                                     : Rs. 5143776.85
Green Belt Development                    : Rs. 232900.88
Pressmud Purchased from Other                                             : Rs. 1476069.00
Purchase New tractor (make New                                            : Rs. 1100000.00
Holland) for Side Aerotiller
Monitoring of Ambient Air, Ground water                             : Rs. 111234.00
stack emission & effluent by third party                              _____________
TOTAL                                                                                : Rs. 8743990.05
We have 5 nos. of Side Aero tillers having spraying capacity 60 M³/hour (One nos. side Aerotiller purchase & old three nos. self propelled Aerotiller modified in side Aerotiller) to improve turning & spraying capacity and also 4 nos. loader, 3 nos. tippler for the processing of Bio-compost.
(ix) To Submit the six month compliance status report B.S.P.C.B./MOEF. We are submitting the six monthly reports from April to September 2014 for your ready reference.
(x) To inform public that project accorded environmental clearance by the Ministry and advertised there of in two local newspapers We had already arranged public meeting on 01-09-2005 and advertised in two news papers-“ AAZ” dated 11-06-2006 and” Times of India” dated 11-06-2006 and newspapers cuttings had already been sent to the B.S.P.C.B. and MOEF, Bhubaneshwar (The details has already been submitted).
(x) To inform Regional Office and Ministry the date of financial closure and final approval of the project and date of starting land development work. The date of starting February, 2007 for land development and project work has been submitted after approval of R.O. and ministry of Environment.